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Blue handbags, for that something blue you always wanted!!

Blue handbags, for that something blue you always wanted!!

Being a girl on the go can be pretty exhaustive. There is so much that has to be done, taken care of, seen to before you deem yourself completely ready to hit your workspace, or chilling at the mall, or maybe indulge in iced lattes with your girls at the corner coffee shop or just a random, ordinary day, picking up groceries and food at the Mart. Have you ever realized one thing? You are never, almost never without your handbag! That’s your arsenal girl, and you keep it stocked lovingly and mostly out of habit, with some things that you absolutely cannot survive without and some things, which however useless they may seem to be, but without them you feel lost and naked. A Woman’s handbag is almost like a sacred entity, not to be trifled with, to be held with utmost care and protection. Because hey, that’s where everything that is remotely of any use to us, gets invariable dumped (not unceremoniously though).

An average girl’s handbag would most definitely have all her important items. Right from the minute, you step out of your dressing room to head out; you kind of keep adding little things that you absolutely cannot live without. Like that miniature tub of Shea body butter that you swear by, to the kohl liner without which u feel that you look like an invalid, to that coral lip gloss that looks just absolutely divine in your ‘pout’ selfies, to your make up removal wipes just in case you need to wipe the gunk off in emergency, to the more essential things, like your wallet, IDs, credit cards, driving license, loose change for the vending machine over at the station, keys…your wardrobe keys, your house keys, your car keys, your office drawer keys, if you’re the types who is gizmo whiz kid then chargers, battery banks and Bluetooth handset for that safe drive. Whew! Now that is a veritable mine of information in that bag right there. So we can safely pronounce the ‘Handbag’ as one of the most invaluable invention that mankind have ever thought of!

So why not keep your stuff safe, at arm’s reach and look gloriously turned out as well! Get a handbag that suits your needs and is the perfect size and goes well with almost everything. Well, there are very few colors that come in the ‘goes with everything’ and ‘accentuates my outfit’ and bring out the ‘color in my cheeks’ category. (Don’t be surprised, a bag can do all that and more).

Neutrals like tan, beige and browns work best but they tend to de-glam your look. And sometimes they come off a lil’ grannyish! But we’ve got a beautiful color that is trending right now…BLUE. Blue handbags look sleek, stylish and chic. Blue is the new Black. They belong to the neutral family of colors…going towards the cooler hues, and they go well with formals as well as casuals. There are a few styles that look absolutely divine in Blue.

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