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The high waisted leggings world of a woman

The high waisted leggings world of a woman

Although they are now wind used by women across the world, HIGH WAISTED LEGGINGS have long been in existence- with the first lookalike (the ‘Capri’) emerging in the 50s. An old trend is now on the revival.

The leggings are produced from a mix of different materials like lycra, fleece, nylon, cotton or polyester. They can cost as high as over $50 (that is massive for a pant, you may) and as low as $3 hence no lady is left out.

In season or out of season?

The great news is that these leggings are never out of season:

Fleece-lined leggings have been so designed for cold seasons and regions. This makes them ‘Russia’s customary leggings’

Leather leggings make a good covering for a night out. Think about the twinkling stars in the open night sky now?

However, for a little thrill, the denim leggings give you the comfort of leggings with a jean twist to it.

And the benefits?

Far beyond what they may communicate to the narrow-minded- a parade of ‘curves’ and sexiness- HIGH WAISTED LEGGINGS do more than might meet the eyes at first glance. The followings give a hint to that:

  • HIGH WAISTED LEGGINGS give a skinny feel; it keeps the fats tucked. An illusion created, right?
  • They give warmth to the wearer without exposing much skin.
  • They are multifunctional as they can be used at the gym and also worn to events as casual wear.
  • The leggings give support in the tummy area.
  • They can easily fit into travelling backpack without much burden.
  • Leggings keep concealed what [butt holes] some trousers allow to be revealed.
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