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Using high heel shoes

Using high heel shoes

High heel shoes have been used by ladies for several reasons. Some of the ladies see it as a way of balancing while others use it to increase their height. High heel was first worn in the year 1533 by Catherine de’ Medici when she was wedding Duke in Orleans. The high heel shoes were made in the city of Florence. From that point on, ladies have adopted high heel shoes and they have found it to be very stylish. For those who have not gotten used to the high heel shoes, it has looked very hard to use. In fact to some, it has even caused back pains. But still the high heel shoes have become better to use than the flat shoes.

Advantages of High Heel Shoes

Wearing high heel shoes has become very beneficial to most ladies. Different ladies have different ways of dressing. For those who love putting on long dresses, high heel shoes has become of great importance to them. Putting on these shoes will help them not to step on their dresses as they walk. It also prevents the dresses from drugging down when they walk.

Also for those ladies who feel intimidated because of their height have tried to put on high heel shoes so that they can look taller than if they had not put them on. This has made many short ladies to feel comfortable with their friends.

High heel shoes have been also very stylish and have added beauty to the ladies. Ladies have found it that high heel shoes are the best for them during this modern time. However, some have not loved them but the choice remains to the users.

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