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What is a letterman jacket ?

What is a letterman jacket ?

Letterman refers to a high school student who has met the levels or requirements of participation in a team most commonly a sports team. The term letterman jacket means providing a cloth with the letter on it to the students for their participation. The letters are usually school initials or maybe initials of their respective houses or teams. The letterman jacket is like an award given to the student for their performance in a team.

These letterman jackets are worn by high school or college students as a matter of pride and to represent their respective schools or maybe to portray their own individual capabilities as the letterman jacket might be an award for them. The material used to make these letterman jackets is typically boiled wool with the sleeves made up of leather. A typical letterman jacket comes with banded wrists and waistbands. Usually these jackets are made up of school colors. Body of the jacket in the primary school color whereas the sleeves in the secondary color.

Letterman jackets can also be customized according to student requirements. Maybe according to their size or favorite color even by changing the layout of the jacket such as adding a hood or a banded collar. The patch of the letter which is basically an initial is usually patched on the left side of the chest. At the back of the jacket a lot of things can be written in the same font as of the initials for example the graduating year of the particular student or maybe the their own names.

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