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How to choose the strapless bra

How to choose the strapless bra

A strapless bra is a thing that you’ll definitely use at least once. Going to a fancy party, you want to wear a new dress. You need a bra that will support the bust. However, you want it to stick without bra straps showing. What do you need? Right, a strapless bra! Here are some tips for helping you buy the best strapless bra.

Find out your size

This tip is obvious. However, many women forget about such simple thing as measuring. Having forgotten about the stresses at work or the month of workouts, they buy wrong bra sizes. Don’t do that. Make sure you measure yourself correctly.

Put in on

Some people don’t like trying things on. They don’t have enough time or desire for going to the dressing room. However, when buying the strapless bra, you should try it on. Thus, you’ll check that the size is right. Make certain that you feel comfortable.

Pay attention to the model

There are different types of bras. If you feel that the bra doesn’t stick, try a longline bra. It will provide you with the maximum lift. It will also function as a push-up.

Choose the right material

If you’re going to wear your new strapless bra under a fancy dress, make sure its contours won’t be seen. The material should be of the highest quality. Choose the brands and colors you like.

The strapless bra is something every woman needs. In order to buy a comfortable and nice bra, use the previously mentioned tips.

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